If you are a player at Everest Poker you probably have heard of the VIP Summit Club. For those of you new to Everest Poker, you must try it out and become a part of the VIP Summit Club. This is unique only to Everest Poker and they are giving back to their loyal poker players. You will be rewarded for playing the game you love, poker, at Everest Poker.

In case you have not played at Everest Poker before, and want to know more about their online poker room, please have a look at our comprehensive Everest Poker review.

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What is Everest Poker’s VIP Summit Club?

So what exactly is the VIP Summit Club? It is a very easy program that you enroll into once you are a player at Everest Poker.

At the beginning of each month, Everest Poker will set your tier. These tiers are decided by how much poker you played the month before. So lets say in December you earned 358 Summit Points. This means, in January you will be in the Base Camp tier. During this entire month you will enjoy all the benefits from this tier. At the beginning of February, your tier will be reset based on how many points you earned in January.

Sound easy? Well it is quite simple. Just enroll and play poker. Earn points and earn rewards.

When and How Can I Enroll?

Enrollment into the VIP Summit Club can happen at any time. You can enroll right when you sign-up for Everest Poker or you can try it out for a while and enroll later. One thing to remember is you will want to sign up before the end of that current month so your next months tier will be set accordingly.

Enrollment into the VIP Summit Club is very easy as well. Just download Everest Poker. Get all signed up. Deposit money and be sure to use one of our special tracking links. Then go to “My Account” and click the VIP button. You now just have to earn 625 or more Summit Points during the same month you enroll, to earn your first cash bonus.

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How to Earn VIP Summit Club Points

We’ve talked a lot about what the VIP Summit Club is and how you can be a part of it. But now assuming you are a member of the VIP Summit Club, how in the world do you earn points?

First of all, you only earn Summit Points for real money games. You may play poker for free at Everest Poker, but you will not earn Summit Points. Real money tournaments and cash games both will get you some VIP points.

As we mentioned above, on the first of each month you will be placed into a tier. What tier you are in is completely based on how many points (how much real money poker) you played the previous month. Take a look at the tiers:

  • Base Camp = 0 Points
  • Camp I = 40 Points, 50% Boost
  • Camp II = 120 Points, 100% Boost
  • Camp III = 300 Points, 150% Boost
  • Camp IV = 800 Points, 200% Boost
  • Camp V = 2,400 Points, 275% Boost
  • Camp VI = 8,000 Points, 350% Boost
  • Camp VII = 24,000 Points, 425% Boost
  • Death Zone = 48,000 Points, 500% Boost
  • The Summit = 100,000 Points, 600% Boost

Everest Poker does not give out the exact formula for how many points you will earn for playing poker. But you can use their calculator to estimate the number of Summit Points you may receive.

We ran a simple example and thought we’d show you the results. Assuming you played 5000 hands of NL, 6 seated, $1 – $2, Hold’em in a month. And on top of this you played in 5 $10 + $1 Hold’em tournaments that same month. You would earn 2,290 VIP Summit Points for that month. This would place you into Camp II for the following month.

Some might think that’s a lot of poker, but the amount of points you receive is directly related to how many hands you play and for what stakes you are playing. The higher the stakes, the more Summit Points you receive.

The VIP Benefits and VIP Store

You now have tons of VIP Summit Points. Whoopee right? What can I possibly do with these? Well, you can do all sorts of things with this.

First of all, you can directly convert your VIP Summit Points for cash. The conversion rate is 1 Summit Point = $.004 so you can do some math and figure out how much cash you can actually get. This is a great way to continue building your bankroll at Everest Poker.

The second thing you can do is but things in the Summit Points Store with your points. They have everything you can imagine in this store including: ipods, TV’s, other electronics, books, games, shirts, jackets, hats, poker tables, poker chips, and more. Save up your points and get a big time item from the store if you plan on playing at Everest Poker for quite some time.

Join the VIP Summit Club Today

Lastly, you can check and see how many VIP Summit Points you have earned at any time during the month. You simply click the “VIP Status” button on your account page and then proceed to “View Summit Point Transactions”. This is a great way to see how close you are to the next tier.

So don’t wait any longer. Get started at Everest Poker and start earning your points in the VIP Summit Club. You never know, you might just earn enough to get that new electronics device you’ve had your eye on.

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